Archive of Shows

1990                          Play                                                 Playwright                                                     Director

A Cream Cracker under the Settee                         Alan Bennett                 Simon Breaks

Habeas Corpus                                                     Alan Bennett                    Enid Holmes

The Vigil                                                                Ladislas Fodor                 Simon Breaks

Rattle of a Simple Man                                         Charles Dyer                    Simon Breaks

Music to Murder By                                               David Pownall                  David Williams

Say Something Happened                                    Alan Bennett                     Simon Breaks

A Visit from Miss Protheroe  /Office Suite             Alan Bennett                     Simon Breaks

Saturday Night at The Rose & Crown            





Enid's Famous Quiz Night

FOLK- Phil Simpson & Jessica Lawson

For Better or Worse- Fourplay by Colin Smith & What's for Pudding? by David Tristram             Directed by Fliss Pocock

The Wit & Songs of Noel Coward                 Peter Gill

WORLD MUSIC- The Busquitos


The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon                English Lakes Touring Company/The Company           

Enids Famous Quiz Night

JAZZ- Hotcha!

Satin & Steel by Amanda Whittington             Directed by Fliss Pocock

Kendal Yarns- Best of The Fest                       Kendal Community Theatre

Blithe Spirit by  Noel Coward                          Directed by Fliss Pocock

The Six Sided Man                                           Gavin Robertson & Nicholas Collett  

JAZZ- Tim Belford Remembered                               The Steve Andrews Quartet

JAZZ- Keith Nichols & Trevor Whiting

Annual Art Exhibition

Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett                    directed by Enid Holmes

Hard Times by Stephen Jeffreys                     Fools Players directed by Judith Notley

MUSIC - A Christmas Carol- A Folk Opera                    Green Matthews

Green Door Art Exhibition


Feb 5th                         Enid's Quiz Night                                                                                                                  

Feb 12th                       Maz O'Connor                                                                                                                        

March 9th to 16th        Living Together by Alan Ayckbourn                    directed by  Enid Holmes    

March 12th                    Keith Nicols & Nick Ward                                                                                                   Bruce Carnaffin

April 20th                      Nelson The Sailors' Story                                  Nicholas Collett

April 29th                      The Steve Andrews Quintet                                                                                             Bruce Carnaffin

May 12th - 17th              Macbeth                                William Shakespeare                                           directed by  Fliss Pocock

Aug 2nd                        Mike Hatchard               Cycling  Lands End to John O'Groats with a piano                                  

Aug 5th                         Reg Meuross                                                                                                  Lake District Folk Weekend

Aug 24th -30th             Roundhouse Art Exhibition                                                                                             Clare Brockbank

Sept 27th - 30th            Maurice's Jubilee                        Nichola McAuliffe                                         directed by Enid Holmes

Oct 3rd                          A Cartoon History of Here!           Ian McMillan & Tony Husband

Oct 14th                        5 in a Bar                                                                                                                            Bruce Carnaffin

Nov 24th                      Learned Friends & Arrows of Desire    Ginny Davis

5th -8th December     Good Things by Liz Lochhead                    Directed by Fliss Pocock

17th Dec                       The High Society jazz Band                      Christmas Jazz!




Jan 17th                        The High Society Jazz band                                                                                            Bruce Carnaffin

Jan 29th                        Edwina Hayes                                                                             Phil Simpson

Feb 6th                          Enid’s Quiz Night                                                                        Enid Holmes

March 2nd to 7th         The Hollow                                  Agatha Christie                      Enid Holmes

March 20th                   Café Society                                                                                Bruce Carnaffin

April 16th                      Henry Priestman                                                                       Phil Simpson

May 14th to 20th          Entertaining Angels                    Richard Everett                    Fliss Pocock      

May 22nd                      The Steve Andrews Quartet                                                  Bruce Carnaffin

Aug 7th to 9th               Lake District Folk Weekend                                                      Phil Simpson

Aug 22nd to 30th          Annual Art Exhibition                                                                Hazel Agnew

Sept 15th to 18th          April in Paris                 John Godber                                       Enid Holmes

Oct 9th                           The Dovetail Trio                                                                       Phil Simpson

Oct14th                       Spitfire Solo                               Nicholas Collett

Oct 29th                          Fashionably Late                         Ginny Davis                                                                   

Nov  20th                        Love Matters                             Fools Players                                                 

Dec 7th to 12th               The Flint Street Nativity            Tim Firth                               Fliss Pocock  

Dec 19th                          The High Society Jazz Band                                                     Bruce Carnaffin                                           


Feb 4th         Quiz Night                        Enid  Holmes                        

Feb 20-22      Calendar Girls by Tim Firth                               Fliss Pocock              Spellbound/RH Sedbergh

 Mar 4th-5th    Oleanna by David Mamet                                                            Chris Whiteside  

 Mar 14th          The Jon Moore Quartet                                                                 Bruce Carnaffin  

 May 8th- 14th  Ladies Down Under     Amanda Whittington                              Fliss Pocock  

 May-30The     Steve Andrews Quartet                                                            Bruce Carnaffin  

 Jul-12               Bridget & Roy                                                                                 Jim Thompson  

 Aug 16-24th    Annual Art Exhibition                                                                      Hazel Agnew  

 Oct-09             Phillipa & Will/The Wake John Brittain                              Freerange Theatre Co. 

 Oct-30             The Hut People                                                                                Phil Simpson

 Nov 20th          Michael Chapman in Concert                                                        Phil Simpson

Nov 25th to 28th   Duets by Peter Quilter                                      Fliss Pocock & Janet Smyth


Date                 Event                           Author                             Director                                 Producer

Feb-15              Quiz Night                                                                                                        Enid Holmes  

 Mar-08            Jazz Concert              Steve Andrews Quartet 

 Mar 26 - 27     The Archers & More   Sunny Ormonde                                                          Fliss Pocock  

 Apr 11 - 17         Ladies' Day                Amanda Whittington       Fliss Pocock  

 Apr-19             Howden Jones Bruce

 May-09           Jamie Barnes Talk                                                                                         Chris Whiteside  

  May-17            Tim Kliphuis 

 Jun-27               Spoonface Steinberg                                      

 Aug                    Annual Art Exhibition                                                                                         Hazel Agnew     

 Sept 9th-14th   When We Are Married                                           Enid Holmes  

 Oct-16The Comet is Coming                                                                                                  Stuart Atkinson  

 Nov 21-22nd    Old Herbaceous             Reginald Arkell            Peter McQueen  

 Nov 26th        Sarah Jane Sommers                                                                                     Lakeland Fiddlers 

 Dec 19th       High Society Jazz Band


Date                   Event                           Author                             Director                                 Producer

Feb-17               Quiz Night                                                                                                            Enid Holmes  

 Mar 5 - 10        The Memory of Water    Shelagh Stevenson        Chris Whiteside  

 Apr-20            Jazz Concert                  The Steve Andrews Quartet 

 May 3 - 10        Wife after Death             Eric Chappell                    Fliss Pocock  

 May-25            Jazz Concert                  High Society Jazz Band 

 June 15 - 20    September in the Rain John Godber                       Enid Holmes  

 Jul-13                Jazz Concert                  Quay Change 

 Aug 18 - 27       Annual Art Exhibition                                                                                         Vera Redfern  

 Sept 24 - 30      How the other half loves Alan Ayckbourn             Enid Holmes  

 Nov-15              Jazz                                 4-in-a-bar with Rosie  

 Nov-23              Meet the Moon                  Talk by Stuart Atkinson  

 Dec 4 - 6           Peas/StrictlySex Factor   David Tristram              Fliss Pocock  

 Dec-14              Jazz                                      High Society Jazz Band



Date                   Event                           Author                             Director                                 Producer

Feb-18                  Jazz Concert                                                                               Sun Street Stompers 

 Feb-2                 QuizNight                                                                                                                 Enid Holmes  

 Mar 14 - 19        The Last of the Red Hot Lovers      Neil Simon                            Enid Holmes  

 Apr-08               Cradle to the Grave                Alan Beaumont  

 May 23 - 28       Absurd Person Singular        Alan Ayckbourn           Fliss Pocock  

 Aug                   Annual Art Exhibition                                                                                               Vera Redfern  

 Aug                    After Miss Julie                      Patrick Marber                                     Chris Whiteside    (Fringe)   

 Oct 24 - 29      The Cemetery Club                                                 Simon Breaks  

 Nov-17              There's no place like home         Talk by Stuart Atkinson  

 Dec 5 - 7          Last Tango in Little Grimley David Tristram

                          Gosforth's Fete                       Alan Aykbourn         Fliss Pocock  


Date                   Event                           Author                             Director                                 Producer

Jan-15               Jazz Concert                                                                                           Rhythm Racketeers 

 Jan-29              Quiz Night                                                                                                       Enid Holmes  

 Feb-05               Folk Music                                                                                                         Blackheart 

 Feb-12                 Jazz Concert                                                                                                     Pete Hoban 

 Feb 22 - 27         A Doll's House          Henrik Ibsen                   Audrey Ireland  

 April 22 - 28         Abigail's Party          Mike Leigh                    Fliss Pocock  

 May-06                Jazz Concert                                                                                Steve Andrews Quartet 

 May-20                Slarkrise                    Paul Harrison    

 Jul-22                 Jazz Concert                                                                                        High Society Jazz Band 

 August              Annual Art Exhibition                                                                                                 Vera Redfern  

 Oct 27 - Nov 1      In Celebration                                                    Simon Breaks  

 Nov-12                 After Everest    

 Dec 8 - 11                After Miss Julie           Patrick Marber               Chris Whiteside  

 Dec-10                  The Savage Sun                     Talk by Stuart Atkinson