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High Society Jazz Band - Xmas Party

The boys (boys!) return for their annual bash, and this time it’s a true Christmas party rather than a“cheer-you-up in the dark days of January”.   The music and merriment will be the mixture as before – some classic jazz, some silly songs, and the odd new number to spice things up, butthere have been a couple of changes of personnel over the past year. If you were there, you can’t possibly have forgotten the tear-filled retirement , at this very theatre, of long-term drummer and vocalist Ralph Wilson.   Ralph is alive and well and living in Lancaster, but occupying the drum chair will be his replacement RobinAndrews, who was unearthed in Kendal after months of searching.   Alongside him, playing double bass, will be ex-professional Gerry Clayton, who has recently joined the band after the retirement of its founder Brian Gordon (also alive and well but living in Heysham).   However the ethos of the band is unchanged, to the surprise of some of its members who didn’t realise that ethics even came into the equation, and they will be doing their level best to live up to their motto of “Let the good times roll”.